Global Cooperation in the World of Glass

ICG is a  not-for-profit GLASS SOCIETY comprising 33 national organizations in glass science and technology.

ICG promotes cooperation between glass experts through its Technical Committees (round robin testing, publication of scientific & technical papers) and by assisting in the organisation of conferences.

Its logo features the Egyptian hieroglyph for "brilliance".

ICG president

ICG's president and Executive Secretary, Dr Manoj Choudhary and Prof P Simurka, attended a Glass:Science and Practice Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia from June 6-8, 2017. They spoke on: "A Special Moment in Time: Arrival of the Glass Age" and "The International Commission on Glass: a Collaborative Platform for the Global Glass Community".

ICG encourages:
More national institutions to join as members
More individuals to serve on Technical Committees

How to be involved? 
Contact Prof P Simurka (

Iran was the latest country to join - in 2015.


Every three years ICG organises an International Congress on Glass. The XXV CONGRESS (2019) will run from June 9-14, 2019 in Boston, USA. You can download the call for papers below.


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In the intervening years it sponsors an annual conference. The next such event (2020) will take place in Krakow, Poland, the 2021 Conference in South Korea and the next Congress in Germany (2022).

ICG also offers schools for young researchers from industry and academia. They take place in Europe and Asia annually. Grants are available in 2018 to enable European visitors to attend the winter school in Asia and for Asian students to attend the Montpellier Summer School. More information is given on the Education pages of this site.

The 11th ICG Summer School will take place in Montpellier from 8-12th July 2019 and will have two streams - one' basic science' and a second to be decided. Register by contacting: You can find more on the Education pages of this web site.

The 5th ICG Winter School is planned for 20-25th October 2019 at Wuhan, China.



Boston Park Plaza hotel
9-14th June 2019
Boston, USA

Annual ICG Conference 
20-24th September 2020
Krakow, Poland

Annual ICG Conference
22-25th August 2021,
Incheon, S Korea

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