A Tradition of Global Cooperation in the Challenging World of Glass

ICG is a non-profit making international GLASS SOCIETY comprising 37 national organizations in glass science and technology.

ICG promotes cooperation between glass experts through Technical Committee work (round robin testing, publication of scientific & technical papers) and conferences.

The symbol in the logo is the Egyptian hieroglyph for "brilliance".

Every three years ICG organises the International Congress on Glass, and sponsors an annual conference during the intervening years.

21-24th September, Parma, Italy

20-23rd September, Bangkok, Thailand


Boston, USA

ICG wishes to encourage

more national institutions to join as members

more individuals to serve on ICG Technical Committees

How to Join ICG

At the annual meeting in Vancouver (June, 2009) a further two countries joined ICG, following the three that joined in 2008. In the last year, 3 companies and one additional national organisation have joined under the new rules introduced recently as changes to the constitution.

Below is a photo showing the stage for the opening ceremony at the ICG conference in Shenzhen, China, March 2011. Our president, Prof Peng Shou, is the speaker. Others on the stage are from left to right: Prof Jacques Lucas and Prof Gan Fuxi.

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