TC11: Materials for Furnaces

TC11 discuses advanced refractory materials and worldwide industrial experience on glass melting furnaces. 

The material properties and application problems are reported and analyzed. 

Testing procedure and inspection methods for refractory materials will be recommended.

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Activities and planned actions



October 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
October 2015 in Eindhoven, Holland.
September 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
October 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey
October 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany
October 2019 in Venice, Italy
October 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany




Amul Gupta and Michael Dunkl: Bubble formation by AZS-refractories during startup of glass melting furnace.
Kevin Selkregg: Glass defect in glass melting tanks by AZS-refractories.
Burak Izmirlioglu: Refractories, Glass Defects and Post Mortem Works:



Silica stone







Michael Dunkl, Ken Watanabe and Jean-Pierre Meynckens:
Non-destructive measurement of refractory materials and measurement of the residual wall thickness:



Measurement with Ground Penetration Radar for AZS side wall




Rongxing Bei and Burak Izmirlioglu: Problems in regenerators of glass melting



Jean-Pierre Meynckens: Effect of pet coke on refractories in glass furnace.

Michel Gaubil: Diverse industrial experience in glass furnace using pet coke.

Rongxing Bei: Regenerator Lining Concept under Pet-Coke Firing.

Stef Lessmann: Experimental device to test the refractories for regenerators.




V2O5 in waste gas (kg/ton glass)




heavy corrosion by pet coke firing


Rongxing Bei: DURITAL AZ58 and DURITAL K99 EXTRA for the Superstructure of Glass Melting Furnaces.

Johannes Vetter: Thermochemical Regenerator - High Efficiency Heat Recovery for Oxy-Fired Glass Furnaces.

Anne Jans Faber: Project proposal - Reducing structural heat losses at glass Furnaces.

Anne Jans Faber: New CelSian CO+ sensor for burner control.

Marvin: The production at Ling Nan refractories, China and the quality control.


Sven-Roger Kahl (Ardagh Glass): The new requirements for refractories for multi-fuel hybrid furnaces

Bruno Malphettes (SEFPRO):  superstructure corrosion

Rongxing Bei (RHI): Overview of all possible refractories for crown and superstructure

Burak Izmirlioglu (Sisecam): The crown and superstructure refractories and glass defects

Simone Tiozzo (Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro): The glass defects from crown and superstructure

Esref Aydin (Ex TC11 Chairman): Catscratches and Cords

AnneJans Faber (Celsian): Methods and tools to study crown corrosion and heat losses of refractory walls




	Evaluation of different test methods for blistering




Evaluation of different test methods for blistering
- Roland Heidrich (REFEL, Italy)
- Brian Harris (NSG, UK)                   
- Christian Kunert (Schott, Germany)
- Kenji Matano (AGCC, Japan)          


Evaluation of different test methods for corrosion of silica bricks
- Brian Harris (NSG, UK) 
- Burak İzmirlioğlu (ŞİŞECAM, Turkey)
- Christian Kunert (Schott, Germany)
- Rongxing Bei (RHI Magnesita, Germany)

Non-destructive measurement of refractory materials (radar, Ultrasonic..)
- Roland Heidrich (REFEL, Italy)
- Bernhard Fleischmann (HVG, Germany)
- Jean-Pierre Meynckens (AGC, Belgium)



Evaluation of silica testing methods:
- Presentation: Stefano Cappuzzo, Stefano Sanchetti (SSV) 
- Presentation: Andrea Roncaglia (AGC)
 -Presentation: Anne Jans Faber, Marco van Kersbergen (Celsian)

Worked out a silica RRT program:
- all members

-Presentation: Refractory mixes for glass industry, Mark Taylor, Santiago Suarez (Magneco/Metrel)



Next steps:

- Influence factors for blistering: study on impurities, oxidation stage of the fused cast materials
- Evaluation of new test methods for refractory materials


Next Meeting:

Original plan: Monday, October 19th, 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Postponed to: Monday, June 14th, 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany. 




Committee Members: back to top

Bei, Rongxing Committee Position: Chair
Dunkl, Michael
Faber, Anne Jans
Fleischmann, Bernhard
Gaubil, Michel
Harris, Brian
Heidrich, Roland (Dr.-Ing.)
Izmirlioglu, Burak
Kawaguchi, Masataka
Kunert, Christian
Matano, Kenji
Meynckens, Jean-Pierre Committee Position: Vice Chair
Sanchetti, Stefano
Schmitt, Gerhard
Zborowski, Janusz

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TC11: Materials for Furnaces

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