TC18: Glass Melting

The title of TC18 recently changed from “Properties of Glass Forming Melts” into “Glass Melting”. Its members stimulate co-operation between different Technical Committees operating within the cluster “Glass Production” and strives for further actions within the 4 main topics identified and described during the 2008-BRIG expert meeting “Innovative Glass Melting for the year 2020”.

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TC18 promotes both fundamental and applied research on phenomena connected to glass melting processes. It supports co-operation among technical committees involved in the cluster Glass Production.



Batch Melting Kinetics

Proposed work description

The goal of the project is to propose and test simple laboratory procedure to evaluate melting kinetics of glass batches. In the initial stage of the project, the suitable test procedure was discussed and the experimental setup was proposed. Laboratory melts will be run in a crucible with approximately 200 grams of batch.

Two to three types of glasses will be selected for the study – E-glass, soda-lime-silica (container glass) and borosilicate (Pyrex type). Raw materials for selected glass compositions were be delivered by Johns Manville Slovakia, O-I Manufacturing Czech Republic and Kavalierglass Czech Republic. In the case of fiber glass the comparison of colemanite and borax pentahydrate as boron source will be focused. Individual raw materials will be distributed to RRT participants, who will prepare batch mixtures and perform laboratory melting test.


Simple laboratory test procedure, which is be able to distinguish different batch melting kinetics dependent on batch composition, types of raw materials, batch pre-treatment (wetting, type of mixing, pelletizing), grain sizes of batch components and should give quantitative results (e.g. Batch Free Time at certain temperature).  

Project Schedule

Distribution of batch material samples will take place in January - June 2018. Melting laboratory tests will be carried out before the end of 2018. The evaluation of RRT results is planned at the TC18 meeting during ICG Congress 2019 in Boston, USA.



1. TC18 meeting during ESG conference in Saint Malo, France, 9-13 July 2018.

2. Batch Melting Kinetics Project

The launch of the Round Robin Test on the Determination of Batch Free Time.


Activities and plans

Committee Members: back to top

Chopinet, Marie-Hélène
Conradt, Reinhard
Hofmann, Kim-Oliver
Hrma, Pavel
Hubert, Mathieu
Hupa, Leena
Janos, Filip
Kawaguchi, Masataka
Kii, Yasushi
Kitamura, Rei
Klouzek, Jaroslav Committee Position: Chair
Koepsel, Detlef
Linz, Wilfried (Mr)
Lipetz, Robert
Maehara, Terutaka
Muijsenberg, Erik
Nemec, Lubomir (Prof)
Oran, Mustafa (Dr)
Pfeiffer, Thomas
Pigeonneau, Franck
Pokorny, Richard
Roger, Ulrich
Roos, Christian
Sesigur, Hande (Mrs.)
Tetsuji, Yano
Ullrich, Jiri
Yoshida, Noriyuki

Committee Contact Details: back to top

TC18: Glass Melting
Prof Jaroslav Klouzek
Czech Republic

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