TC19: Surface Properties

Vision of TC19

The future work of TC19 should be more oriented as a market place for exchange of expertise. The members discussed the preparation of individual working groups, which present their work once a year. A time-line for participants to be agreed prior to the start of an activity.

There is a need to understand the reasons behind differences in measured data since through this understanding improved data quality can result. The current XRD round robin is a good example where the crystallite size differences between laboratories need to be understood.

TC19 provides networking opportunities with other members and with other Technical Committees. Links with other TCs could be strengthened.

All TC19 members have SEM and AFM and most have ToF-SIMS. These core techniques provide the means of engaging most participants although individual collaborations around other techniques could also take place.

Round robins are a tool to help with collaborations.

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Activities in 2019

The TC-19 organized a technical session in the 25th International Congress on Glass (ICG 2019)  held in Boston, Mass., on June 9-14, 2019. It was “Session 6: Glass Surfaces (ICG TC19)” in “Symposium 2: Glass Physics”. The invited speakers were Dr. Paula Clark from Tascon, Dr. Temel Buyuklimanli (EAG), Dr. Volker Rupertus (Schott), Dr. Robert Schaut (Corning), Dr. Nick Smith (Corning), and Prof. Nikolas Podraza (U. Toledo). These invited speakers and other general contributions discussed state-of-the-art developments in surface analysis as well as surface science issues in pharmaceutical and display glasses.

The TC19 also had a committee meeting on June 9th at the conference hotel and approved two new members (Dr. Radim Čtvrtlík, Palacky University, Czech Republic and Dr. Joseph Ryan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA) and discussed topics for future meetings as well as technical challenges in glass surface science such as how to measur dissolution/corrosion rates, surface charge, surface adsorption / reaction sites, adsorption of water, and so on.


Committee Members: back to top

Amma, Shin-Ichi
Ctvrtlik, Radim
Farnworth, Mark
Garofalini, Steve
Gin, Stephane
Greiner-Wronowa, Elzbieta
Helebrant, Ales
Jain, Himanshu
Kim, Seong H. (Prof.) Committee Position: Chair
Komine, Yuko
Kuhr, Markus
Linford, Matthew Committee Position: Vice Chair
Montigaud, Herve
Pantano, Carlo
Ryan, Joseph
Schaut, Robert
Smith, Nick
Sokmen, Ilkay Committee Position: Vice Chair
Yamamoto, Yuichi

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TC19: Surface Properties
N323 Millennium Science Complex
Pennsylvania State University

Tel: +1-814-863-4809

Email TC19: Surface Properties Using The Form Below.


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