TC25: Modelling Forming

TC25 has in the past examined aspects of the mathematical modelling of forming. However it has not met recently  because of discussions on chairmanship and its future role. A new candidate chair for TC25 has been selected and the committee is now re-starting a fresh programme of research.

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Activities and planned actions


The main goals of TC25 are to promote information exchange in the field of glass forming processes with specific emphasis on numerical simulation on both the scientific and technological level.


A session on glass forming was held during the ICG-Glass Trend Workshop on Innovation in Glass Production in April in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

A committee meeting was held on July the 2nd in Prague, Czech Republic during the 23rd International Congress on Glass. 13 people were present in the meeting and it turned out to be a very fruitful event.

Dr. Simon-Müller (HVG) presented his work on multi-point measurements on feeder systems in conjunction with FEM computations for process control to obtain uniform glass distribution in the product. Discussions were carried out to construct a benchmark problem based on this work, but it was voted down due to data uncertainties on glass level in the forehearth, thermal conditions on the plunger, etc.

However, members agreed to define a new benchmark problem “BMP-IV: Gob in the Delivery System” based on the work of Gesine Bergmann of HVG. For container glass production, the sections of the IS-machine must be fed with the cut gobs with the help of a delivery system. The gob changes its direction of motion several times because of the difference of height and the 2-axis displacement between shear cut and blanks. Accordingly, the temperature distribution and the shape of the gob changes significantly. This has a strong influence on the results of further steps in the forming process. In this benchmark, for a given delivery system geometry, gob temperature (measured at different wavelengths), shape and speed after the shear cut, temperature distribution and the shape of the gob will be computed. The results for the shape, speed and the temperature distribution before the blank mold will be compared against measurements. Members from NoGrid, Bottero and Sisecam agreed to work on the benchmark problem. Final wording of the benchmark definition is underway.

It was agreed to compile practices, experiences and published data on treatment of thermal and mechanical contact between glass and mold materials in modeling glass forming into a guideline document.


A committee meeting will be held most likely in Aachen, Germany in May during the Conference on Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass or in Parma, Italy in September during ESG Conference. Progress on the benchmark problem and review of contact treatment will be discussed and further actions will be planned in this meeting.


TC25 focuses on furthering knowledge pertaining to glass forming process by providing a medium for interaction between researches and practitioners. In 2013, the committee aided organizing a session during the ICG-Glass Trend Workshop on Innovation in Glass Production in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in April. A committee meeting was held in Prague, Czech Republic, in July during the 23rd International Congress on Glass. There was renewed interest from new and old members to revitalize the committee activities and it was decided to work on a new benchmark problem “Gob in the Delivery System”. Problem definition has been completed. Members also agreed to compile a review of the treatment of thermal and mechanical contact in forming modeling.

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Aoki, Shigeaki
Bajart, Christian
Bergman, Gesine
Berndhäuser, Christoph
Cai, Yifang
Chumney, John
Chumney, John H.
Cousin, Maxime
Fontaine de Ghelin, O.
Hocq, Bernard
Hyre, Matt
Karadag, Adnan Committee Position: Chair
Lochegnies, Dominique
Martlew, David
Matusek, Ivo
Moller, Alfons
Moravsky, Miroslav
Moreau, Philippe
Oda, Kenji
Penlington, Roger
Perla, Andrea
Primdahl, Soeren
Prokhorenko, Oleg
Van Iseghem, Mike
Vianey, Francois
Vrabel, Peter
Watasuki, Hiroshi
Yi, Allen
Youmani, Youssef

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TC25: Modelling Forming
Dr A Karadag

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