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TC01 is charged with providing information on ICG activities to the wider public and also ensuring effective communications inside ICG and with outside organisations

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 2018 saw the creation and circulation of the latest ICG book: ‘Teaching Glass Better’ to celebrate the 10th Montpellier Summer School. It follows earlier texts on ‘Making Glass Better’. The book summarises the the schools' development and has detailed teaching material based on the core lectures given during the school written by the lecturers. Additional chapters summarise the content of parallel streams that have be run alongside the basic science sessions. Printed in full colour it has 400 pages and costs 50 Euros.

Copies were given free to students at both the 2018 Summer and Winter Schools but will in future be sold to raise funds for ICG. A5 descriptive leaflets have been distributed at several conferences, a press release has been widely circulated and the book is being sold through several ICG NPOs. These NPOs (DGG, SGT, Japanese Ceramic Society) receive copies at a discount and sell them at the full price, the difference providing an incentive to the NPO. Copies will also be sold through the booking form for the next ICG Congress in Boston, USA.

PRESS RELEASES during 2018:

7 releases concerning ICG and 13 more giving NEWs from elsewhere have been published on the ICG web site. 5 were used to advertise post-doctoral vacancies and studentships.

ICG press releases were widely distributed by Dr Klaus Bange and made available for publication in other journals and e-media. 

Following ICG's successful representation at the 2017 Vitrum conference in Milan, the 2018 Glass Fair GlasTec in Dusseldorf was the next event  attended. A part of the DGG/HVG stand was made available to ICG thanks to the DGG president, Prof Conradt (also Vice president for ICG) who was also able to be present throughout the event to answer questions. A variety of free literature advertising the range of books for sale, Technical Committees and promoting our most recent literature in the 'Making Glass Better' and 'Teaching Glass Better' series was prepared for distribution, and 3 A0 posters were displayed describing ICG, its structure and activities. Plans to attend the 2019 Vitrum conference are in progress.

The conference list on the web site was maintained throughout the year and many organisations now automatically submit data of events they are organising. It is still difficult to be comprehensive because so many events overlap with the interests of ICG and its members. 

Attempts to maintain a flow of material to magazines such as Glass International and Glass Machinery have stalled in part because of the time taken to produce the new text book (Teaching Glass Better) but also because of the time commitment required. Monthly articles on aspects of Glass History are published in Glass International though by the committee chair and acknowledge ICG.

The chair of TC01 wishes to thank Professors Bernard Hehlen, Delia Brauer and Julian Jones who have all assisted in different ways to maintain the information content of the web site. New pages have been created to cover the work of TC28 and the Young Persons Committee.



Actions are undertaken on a continous basis:

  • Updating the web site
  • Generating Press Releases
  • Adding council members’ details to the address book
  • Developing the ‘What is Glass’ section, with educational material in mind, such as Utube videos
  • Using Google Analytics to understand better the audience
  • Enhancing the web site with more images and more links to social media such as Twitter feeds
  • Encouraging ICG committees to promote their activities by creating Press Releases
  • Increasing the visibility of ICG by representation at Trade Fairs.
  • Maintain and develop links to ICG members and associate members e.g. by advertising their activities on the ICG web pages
  • Providing NPOs with News items from the ICG.
  • Encouraging TCs to help maintain the currency of the conference web page
  • Optimising promotion of ICG at these events
  • Promoting ICG through Entries on Wikipedia as time permits.

In 2017 TC01 was heavily involved in the process of transferring TC Annual Reports to the web, offering instructions and advice. The goal of this new approach to producing Annual Reports from the Technical Committees was to ensure the currency of the information on the web and this has proved effective, most TCs completing their updating by January 2017. To encourage the creation of more interesting sites CTC is now offering a small prize for the best site, awarded to TC04 in 2017 with TC07 and TC20 as the runners up.

As part of the process TC chairs have been asked to provide up to date lists of their members together with their e-mail addresses. This will be a significant aid in improving communications.

The updating of ICG statistics and conference lists has continued. More organisations are now informing us of their events as a mater of course. Discussions with the web providers on new developments and improving layout have taken place but have not yet resulted in many changes. To spread the load of data input the running of the Education pages had been shared with B Hehlen.  During the last year 25 Press releases and News items were created on the web and K Bange had assisted with the wider circulation of many of them. These were split roughly equally between ICG matters and articles from beyond the normal ICG circle. The plan to start regular publication of short articles in Glass International Magazine (1 on ICG, +TC04) has begun with the first article written by J Parker published in the October Issue. Another based on TC04 is in preparation.

The preparation of a Festschrift for 10th Montpellier School is well underway. This will contain teaching material based on the core subjects that have been presented regularly over the 10 years that the course has run but will also explain the developments that have taken place and give some statistics on attendance over the years.

The chair of TC01 represented ICG at the Vitrum 2017 Trade Fair in Milan. This required the creation of publicity material in the form of wall posters and single sheets that could be handed out. It was hoped that this material could be developed and improved for similar future events. At the CTC meeting in Istanbul J Parker summarised his experiences in Vitrum to allow an informed decision on future involvement of this form of advertising. In particular space has been requested at the next GlasTech exhibition in Dusseldorf, with the assistance of the German Glass Society.

Discussions on developing our Communications Strategy are being led by Gabrielle Peron of the Stevanato Glass Company.

Committee Members: back to top

Bange, Klaus (Dr)
Brauer, Delia (Prof)
Duran, Alicia (Prof)
Hehlen, Bernard
Nicoletti, Fabiano
Parker, John Committee Position: Chair
Peron, Gabriele (Mr)

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TC01. Communications
Prof J M Parker
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The University of Sheffield

Tel: +44 114 2225514
Fax: +44 114 2225943

Email TC01. Communications Using The Form Below.


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