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TC01 is charged with providing information on ICG activities to the wider public and also ensuring effective communications inside ICG and with outside organisations

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Activities and planned actions

A specific development during the year has been the installation of a new web page management system giving a wider range of facilities to ICG while maintaining the same recognisable format. A major aspect of this change was a re-ordering of the content under a set of more user-friendly banners. This updating was not without problems but most have been solved. Next comes the process of modifying the pages to take maximum advantage of these changes.

The content of the web site is regularly reviewed with a goal of maintaining the currency of the information. In particular a comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences is now published under the Conference banner on the web site and this has been one way in which a service has been provided to ICG member organizations. 

A list of instructions for the new site has been produced and circulated to TC Chairs, explaining how they can add their own information to the web. For the first time we have asked TCs to submit their Annual Reports directly to the web. Several web sites are benefitting from this personal touch and a few committees are beginning to store their files on the password protected areas of the web site.

The CTC has decided to experiment with the use of LinkedIn as a communication medium and is also making more use of telephone conferencing. Skype has proved a useful mode of communications and Drop Box has also provided a useful mechanism of sharing documents that need extensive editing. No doubt the growing impact of Social Media worldwide will continue to influence the way communications are used within ICG.

A draft guidance document for new TC chairs has also been prepared, indicating not only their role but also the support that is available.

An ongoing activity has been to produce minutes of the CTC meetings. An offshoot of this process has been to produce press releases reporting the key decisions; these are now placed on the news section of the web site and circulated by K Bange to a wide variety of interested parties, for example for publication in international glass journals. Other ongoing activities include maintaining the data on the web site, producing a list of officers, and assisting with the editing of the Annual Report.

Three editions of the text ‘Making Glass Better’ originally produced by K Bange have now been produced are available for sale. The possibility of producing Volume 4 needs to be kept in mind.


There are a number of important actions in progress which should be completed during the next year:

1)    The web site is a major activity and continual updating is needed, including the generation of Press Releases. Particular developments needed are:

a.    Filling gaps in the members database and promoting its use,

b.    In particular council members’ details should be added to the address book

c.    Encourage more TCs to upload documents for password protected access and to edit their own web pages,

d.    Develop the ‘What is Glass’ section in more detail, with educational material in mind e.g. the Summer Schools,

e.     Examine in more depth Google Analytics to understand better the audience

f.      Improve the appearance of the web site and add in more links to social media such as Twitter feeds

g.     Encourage various committees to promote their activities by creating Press Releases

2)    Maintain and develop links to ICG members and associate members e.g. by advertising their activities on the ICG web pages and to provide them with News items from the ICG. Encourage TCs to help us maintain the currency of the conference web page and to optimise promotion of ICG at these events

3)    Although little progress has been made on the Glass/ICG Entries on Wikipedia this area will continue to be pursued as time permits.

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Bange, Klaus (Dr)
Duran, Alicia (Prof)
Nicoletti, Fabiano
Parker, John (Prof) Committee Position: Chair
Peron, Gabriele (Mr)

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TC01. Information
Prof J M Parker
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The University of Sheffield

Tel: +44 114 2225514
Fax: +44 114 2225943

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