TC04: Bioglasses

TC04 aims to promote global visibility of biomedical glasses and stimulate collaborations between academics and industry. Examples are outreach projects (public and end user engagement), input into international standards, liaising with professional bodies, conference organisation and scientific publications and road mapping. We have recently launched a YouTube Channel  and a scientific journal BIOMEDICAL GLASSES.

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Activities and planned actions

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The TC04 is now on LinkedIn.

1. Publications

  • A special issue to honor the great Prof. Larry Hench has now been published in J. Mater. Sci. Many of the TC04 members contributed to this special issue as author or guest editor.
  • A special issue gathering six articles that build on the Hench legacy and which were presented at the Larry L. Hench Memorial Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin, during the Glass & Optical Materials Division meeting in 2016 is now available online. All papers are free to download. 
  • Julian Jones, Leena Hupa, Delia Brauer and David Greenspan contributed a review on Bioactive glass products in a special issue of International Journal of Applied Glass Science called “The Glass Age” 
  • Festschrift special issue for Professor Larry Hench, in ACerS’ International Journal of Applied Glass Science. Jones, Wu, Boccaccini and Brauer are co-Editors, with contributions from TC04 members, David Greenspan, Julian Jones, Leena Hupa, Jamieson Christie, Alastair Cormack, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Chengtie Wu, Enrica Verné, Chiara Vitale-Brovarone, Qiang Fu, Mohammad Rahaman.
  • The "Bioactive Glasses: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications"  book edited by Aldo R. Boccaccini, Delia S. Brauer and Leena Hupa and published by the Royal Soc. of Chemistry is now available. (See the cover on the right)
  • TC04 acknowledges the grant from ICG which supported the publication of an open access e-book published in Frontiers series on "Inorganic Biomaterials" co-edited by Prof. W. Holand and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini.
  • Special issue edited by Aldo R. Boccaccini and Len Rahaman based on papers presented at a symposium on biomedical glasses titled “Health, Medical and Biological Aspects – Fundamentals and Application” at the First Joint Meeting of the German Society of Glass Technology and the Glass and Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society held in Aachen, Germany on May 25-30, 2014 has been published in Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
  • Double special issues dedicated to the memory of Prof. Larry Hench in the Journal of Materials Science. Aldo R Boccaccini, JRJ, Len Rahaman and Enrica Verne are guest editors.
  • David Greenspan will write Larry Hench’s “biography”.

2. Round Robin bioactivity testing

After few years of hard work from the TC04 menbers, we are proud to annouce that the result of our Round Robin test, which was carried out over 9 institutions and 7 countries, is now available online. (click here to access the publisher web page). The aim of the study was to design a simple and realable protocol that researchers could used to evaluate the ability of their bioactive glasses, or variant, to nucleate calcium-phosphate crystal on their surface. By using the same protocol, comparison between glasses can be made. 

Building on the success of the SBF round robin and publication, we feel it is timely to do a round robin study on cellular response.  The test will include a protocol based on ISO standard (extracts) and propose a method for cell attachment studies on bioactive glasses.

3. Congratulations

To member Qiang Fu who received the ICG’s Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award at Shanghai in April. Click here for more information. 

To Aldo R. Boccaccini for the 2016 ICG Turner Award for contributions to TC04 activities

To Delia Brauer, who has been made a Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology in 2016

To Delbert Day who has been made a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors in 2016

4. Interfacing with ACERS

Steve Jung and Julian Jones are Chair and Co-Chair respectively of a new Technical Interest Group on Bioceramics in the American Ceramics Society. TC04 will enjoy strong links with this TIG. The TIG’s mandate is to improve links between industry and academia in the field.

5. Conferences:

  • American Ceramics Society Glass & Optical Materials Division annual meeting (ACerS GOMD), Madison,  22nd – 26th May 2016: TC04 Larry Hench Memorial Symposium, chaired by JRJ, Delia Brauer, Ashutosh Goel had impressive numbers. We are doing well at ACerS.
  • UKSB 2016: Julian Jones and Aldo R. Boccaccini gave invited lectures at a special session dedicated to Prof. Larry Hench at the UKSB 2016 meeting in London (30th June 2016), which is also home to the Larry Hench Prize for Young Investigators. 
  •   The Society of Glass Technology SGT100 meeting held a Special symposium to honour Prof. Larry Hench in Sheffield (4th - 8th September 2016). This symposium was co-organised by Aldo R. Boccaccini and Edgar Zanotto. Julian Jones was an invited speaker.
  • Bioceramics 28 - Julian Jones gave a tribute to Larry Hench at Bioceramics 28  the 18th-21st October in North Carolina (USA)
  • Julian Jones, Delia Brauer and Ashutosh Goel are organizing a TC04 Biomedical Glass session at PACRIM/GOMD 2017 in Hawaii. S2: Glasses in healthcare— fundamentals and application
  • The SGT are holding a joint conference: Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts 9 and the International Conference on Phosphate Materials 2, 24th - 28th  July 2017, 

5.  Exchange program/funding 

Jonathan Massera and Delia Brauer have a joint bilateral mobility grant, funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and Academy of Finland (2016-2017) and have exchanged several students (MSc+PhD, two on each side this year).

6. New members

This year, TC04 is proud to announce that invitation has been sent primarly to promising Young scientist working on bioactive glasses.

Tony Wren (Alfred, USA)
Anthony Maçon (NiTech, Japan)
Amy Nommeots-Nomm (Tampere, Finland)
Alexander Hoppe (Johnson Matthey Advanced Glass Technologies, Maastrict, Netherlands)
Yann Fredholm (Noraker, France)
Saurabh Kapoor (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Ifty Ahmed (Nottingham UK).
Qiang Fu (Corning, USA)


6. The TC04 annual meeting was held at the World Biomaterials Congress, 19th May 2016

Attendees:      Julian Jones (JJ)
                       Bob Baier (BB)
                       Aldo Boccaccini (AB)
                       Chengtie Wu (CW)
                       Jonathan Earl (JE)
                       David Greenspan (DG)
                       Jonathan Massera (RH)



TC04 is now on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel and its notification alert to not miss any upcoming video. Find below a documentary from the Discovery Channel entitled Bioglass and The Human Body featuring Prof. Julian R. Jones

May 2016 in the Daily Mail UK

Julian Jones's bouncing glass has appeared in the Daily mail: Silicon implant 'helps worn knees to regrow' - and could spare thousands of patients from surgery

April 2016 in the Daily Mail UK

Robert Hill’s toothpaste had much media attention: The £5 toothpaste that can repair holes in your teeth: Product binds to the teeth and fills in any decay before releasing calcium and fluoride  

Committee Members: back to top

Ahmed, Ifty
Baier, Bob
Boccaccini, Aldo
Brauer, Delia
Christie, Jamieson
Clare, Alexis (Prof)
Cormack, Alastair
Day, Delbert
Earl, Jonathan
Fu, Qiang
Goel, Ashutosh (Prof)
Greenspan, David
Hall, Matthew
Hill, Robert
Holand, Wolfram
Hoppe, Alexander
Hupa, Leena
Jones, Julian (Prof) Committee Position: Chair
Jung, Steve
Kapoor, Saurabh
Macon, Anthony
Massera, Jonathan
Nommeots-Nomm, Amy
O’Donnell, Matthew
Rohanova, Dana
Verne, Enrica
Vitale-Brovorone, Chiara
Wren, Anthony

Committee Contact Details: back to top

TC04: Bioglasses

Tel: +44 20 75946749

Email TC04: Bioglasses Using The Form Below.


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