TC07: Crystallisation & GCs

The strategy of TC07 is based on the following topics: -new properties and new applications of multi-component glass-ceramics; -fundamental studies of the kinetics mechanisms of nucleation and overall crystallization (e.g. surface versus internal crystallization).

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Mission statement

To understand from both theoretical and experimental points of view the fundamental aspects that govern crystal nucleation and growth in glasses; and to foster collaboration between academic, governmental, and industrial researchers to develop, characterize, and optimize existing and novel glass-ceramics and their processing with focus on multi-component systems.

Activities and planned actions

International Symposium on Crystallization in Glasses and Liquids

The series of crystallization symposia in a tri- to biennial schedule is assisted by TC07 as a group since 1996 and is one of the major deliverables of the committee work to the glass community. The conference series has become the first place to present research and development in accordance with the mission and scope of TC07. The list shows the upcoming and past events (conference chairs are indicated in brackets).

Segovia, Spain 2017 (M.J. Pascual)

Nagaoka, Japan 2015 (T. Komatsu, A. Sakamoto)
Goslar, Germany 2012 (J. Deubener)
Iguaçu Falls, Brazil 2009 (E.D. Zanotto)
Jackson Hole, Wyoming U.S.A. 2006 (M.J. Davis)
Sheffield, England 2003 (P.F. James)
Vaduz, Liechtenstein 2000 (W. Höland)
Florianopólis, Brazil 1996 (E.D. Zanotto)

Topical issues

TC07 aims in publishing jointly research activities in print media.  The list shows upcoming and finalized special issues on crystallization in glasses and glass-ceramics (guest editors are indicated in brackets).

"Nucleation and Crystallization of Glasses and Glass-Ceramics", Frontiers in Materials, 2017 (W. Höland, J. Deubener); "Glass-ceramics", Materials Research Bulletin, 2017 (M.J. Davis, E.D. Zanotto)

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 384, 2014 (J. Deubener)
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 356, Issues 52-54, 2010 (V.R. Mastelaro, M.J. Davis, E.D. Zanotto)
Am. Ceram. Soc., CD-ROM 2009, ISBN 978-0-470-09732-8 (M.J. Davis)
Phys. Chem. Glasses 45, 2004 and Glass Technol. 45, 2004  (P.F. James)
Glastech. Ber. Glass Sci. Technol. 73 C1, 2000 (W. Höland)
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 219, 1997 (E.D. Zanotto)

Other activities in 2016

TC07 represented by their members M.J. Davis and E.D. Zanotto organized the Session 2 "Fundamentals and applications of glass-crystallization" at the GOMD meeting in Madison, USA in 2016. This session was most attended and had 7 invited and 11 contributing oral papers. Further, TC07 members (E.D. Zanotto and J. Deubener) contributed with invited talks to the Festschrift for Prof. Donald R. Uhlmann at the same meeting.

Lectures were given at the 8th ICG Summer School in Montpellier in cooperation with TC23 and others on crystallization issues.

TC07 provided open access to a wide range of research facilities, material resources and unpublished data for their members, especially young professionals (industry) and PhD students (academia) of the member's groups.

Plans for the year 2017

Committee Members: back to top

Cormier, Laurent
Davis, M.J.
Deubener, Joachim Committee Position: Chair
Fokin, V.M.
Hill, Robert
Holand, Wolfram Committee Position: Vice Chair
Honma, T.
Komatsu, T.
Mitra, I.
Müller, R.
Nakane, S.
Pascual, M.J.
Pradeau, Philippe
Prado, M.O.
Zanotto, Edgar
Zhou, S.

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TC07: Crystallisation & GCs
Clausthal University of Technology

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