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Bioceramics and Bioactive glasses

ACerS and Florida Institute of Technology Continuing Education have partnered to offer a series of two short courses on Bioceramics and Bioactive Glasses taught by the late Dr. Larry Hench. Tailored to professionals in the engineering and healthcare fields, the courses highlight major themes facing the bioceramics, bioactive ceramic materials, and bioglass industries. These courses are available as:

a 2 disc set on BioCeramics: Advances and Challenges to Affordable Healthcare ($250 non-members of ACerS)

and a 4 disc set on: Surface Chemistry and Characterization of Bioactive Glasses ($295 non-members)

The first set covers :

  • Healthcare challenges in the 21st century.
  • Evolution and clinical applications of bioactive ceramic materials.
  • Tissue bonding, regenerative medicine, long-term viability, socio-economic implications and ethical considerations.  

The second:

  • In-depth view of mechanisms behind this revolutionary science.
  • Discovery of bioactive materials. 
  • Animal model reviews and clinical applications.
  • Mechanisms and technology behind bioglass bonding, toxicology and biocompatibility.
  • Characterization strategies and how to determine the best method of quality assurance.
Last Updated: 03/11/2016
Author: John Parker
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