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Presidential update and greetings

First, I wish you all the VERY BEST for the Holiday Season and for the New Year!

It is my pleasure to provide periodic communications to inform you on notable developments pertaining to the ICG. Previously, you had received the “President's Report” in April, 2016 and “Progress Report” in September, 2016. In addition, you were provided with articles containing my interviews with Glass Worldwide and Glass International. In the following, I would like to bring to your attention other matters not covered in those earlier communication.

I had the pleasure to represent the ICG and present an invited lecture at the “Joint Symposium on Glass Science and Technologies” organized by the Ceramic Society of Japan and the Glass and Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society. The symposium was held at Kyoto University and was co‐chaired by Professor Setsuhisa Tanabe (Kyoto University) and Professor John Ballato (Clemson University). Professor Tanabe is a member of the ICG Steering Committee. It was a superbly organized symposium held in the majestic and beautiful city of Kyoto! I also had the honor of meeting Professor N. Soga (ICG President 1994‐1997) and brief him on recent ICG developments. I congratulate Profs. Tanabe and Ballato for a great symposium and thank them and all our hosts in Kyoto for their superb organization and warm and kind hospitality. (For more pictures of old friends at the event see: http://www.talab.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp/GlasSympo/gallery.html)

The next Steering Committee meeting will take place in Kolkata, India in conjunction with the International Conference on Advances in Glass Science and Technology (ICAGST‐2017, January 23‐25, 2017) organized by the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR‐CGCRI). I am very pleased to inform you that ICG and CGCRI will offer a tutorial preceding the conference (on January 19‐21, 2017), first time that such an event will be held in India. I thank Dr. Ranjan Sen of CSIR‐CGCRI, a member of the ICG Council and his colleagues for their hard work and dedicated efforts to organize the tutorial and the conference. I also request and encourage you to attend these events. The details are available at www.icagst2017.com. Dr. Sener Oktik, a member of the ICG Steering Committee, and his colleagues are preparing a great program for the next ICG Annual Meeting to be held October 22‐25 in in Istanbul, Turkey. At present they have prepared the draft of sessions and are putting together an international list of plenary and invited speakers. Dr. Tunç Görüney of Sisecam is working with the ICG Youth Outreach Committee to incorporate specific ideas and programs oriented towards our younger colleagues. I thank them all for their efforts.

As you may recall, we had launched an “ICG Education Initiative” through the Education Committee (TC23) under the chairman ship of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Conradt, a member of the ICG Steering Committee. Summarized below are excerpts from an update on the Education Initiative provided by Prof. Dr. Conradt. A ½ days tutorial comprising (I) energy calculations from batch to melt, (II) use of phase diagrams and thermodynamic fundamentals in the description of industrial glasses, (III) assessment and modeling of melt viscosity, was held at SGT Sept. 2016, Sheffield (instructor R. Conradt).

As mentioned above an ICG‐CGCRI tutorial is scheduled to be held in Kolkata, India during Jan 19‐21, 2017 preceding ICAGST‐2017. Montpellier Summer School 2017 is under preparation. Winter School 2017 is China is scheduled for November. Montpellier Summer School 2018 will be the 10th event in a row. The core team plans to edit an ICG lecture script comprising the main topics covered during the years.

The members of this initiative are reviewing plans for offering online courses on glass. Different formats (MOOC = massive open online courses and SPOC = small private online courses) were presented. Such courses typically cover 1 hour per topic, including a short video, ppt slides, plus an additional 40 min for exercises after the course. One of the 4 topics identified as fundamental topics during the 2016 Wuhan school (fundamentals of the glassy state / glass structure / thermodynamics / transport phenomena comprising crystallization)shall be used as a test case scenario.

Dr. Gabriele Peron (a member of the ICG Steering Committee), Mr. Lucien Belmonte (a member of the ICG Advisory Committee), and Professor John Parker (Chair of Information Committee, and in‐charge of the Communications, Education and History Cluster) are reviewing with us some options on our communications strategies including aspects of our website www.icglass.org. I will provide you more details as and when they emerge. In the mean time I strongly urge you to visit www.icglass.org for the wealth of information it provides on the ICG and our activities.

I welcome your comments and counsel, thank you for your support.

Last Updated: 15/12/2016
Author: John Parker
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