Glass corrosion course

During PACRIM 12

GOMD members, be sure to register for the Glass Corrosion short course, taught by an international team of experts. Could you benefit from comprehensive, hands-on knowledge about the fundamental mechanisms of glass corrosion and kinetics? ACerS Glass Corrosion short course provides a comprehensive coverage of how silicate glasses behave in contact with water, and how they occur in bioglasses, natural glasses, archaeological glasses, as well as nuclear and commercial glasses. Held in conjunction with PACRIM 12 including GOMD 2017, May 20, 2017, this convenient short course offers intimate class settings that encourage audience participation, while expanding their knowledge of: 

Fundamental aspects of silicate glass corrosion: mechanisms and kinetics (theoretical background) (1 hour) Stéphane Gin, CEA, France
Nuclear glasses (1 hour) John Vienna, PNNL, USA

Experimental and analytical techniques to investigate glass corrosion (1 hour) Joe Ryan, PNNL, USA

Multi-scale modeling (1 hour) Sébastien Kerisit, PNNL, USA

Bioglasses and commercial glasses (45 min) Schaut, Nick Smith , Corning, USA 

Natural and archeological glasses (30 min) Aurélie Verney Carron, University of Paris Créteil, France

Geochemical aspects (speciation, reactive transport) (30 min.) 

Demonstration: Sugar glass alteration with shape effect (1 hour)

Register for the Glass Corrosion short course today!

Last Updated: 22/02/2017
Author: John Parker
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