TC02's new CRM

A new Certified Reference Glass for testing hydrolytic resistance

TC02 (Chemical Analysis and Durability) have just completed a study leading to the certification of a new glass as Certified Reference Material for Hydrolytic resistance of glass (CRM BAM-S053). This replaces an earlier material, CRM NIST SRM 623 (borosilicate glass) from the 1980s which was out of stock and which NIST did not plan to renew. 

The original certified reference material was used for quality control measures in hydrolytic resistance testing of pharmaceutical glass packaging (especially in USP <660>: glass grains test).  TC02 decided to create a new CRM for the grains tests of USP<660>, Ph.Eur. 3.2.1 and ISO720 and found, together with BAM (German Federal institute for Material Research and Testing) a certifying body for collaboration. One TC02 member provided more than 2t of borosilicate glass rods and tested these for homogeneity. TC02 then organized a number of skilled laboratories, among them were labs from TC12, USP and DGG (German Society of Glass Technology). BAM organized the round robin test for certification, ran the data evaluation and finally certified the material, which is now available from them as “BAM-S053”.


Last Updated: 05/02/2019
Author: John Parker
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