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Successfully underway


The ICG management board initiated a project in 2017 to enhance the funding and so the activities of the association empowering its scientific & technological contribution in glass knowledge promotion. Leading the project has been Gabriele Peron of Stevanato Group and Klaus Bange, one time chair of ICG's Coordinating Technical Committee. They have recently announced their first successes - with new funding being promised from China Triumph Engineering, Stevanato Group and also Glass Service. To know more about the project and sponsor opportunities please contact gabriele.peron@stevanatogroup.com


Last Updated: 06/06/2019
Author: John Parker
Labels: Icg News
ICG2030 Project Image ICG2030 Project Image ICG2030 Project Image ICG2030 Project Image

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BERNARD SAVAETE from I did start working in the glass industry 50 years said...
I like your project
The glass industry needs more transparency - 16/06/2019 at 6:35:58 pm

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