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Problems and Solutions in Glass Production

Dr Esref Aydin was employed by Şişecam at their research laboratories in Istanbul, Turkey for many years, an environment which gave him the opportunity to accumulate wide experience of the extensive range of problems that can occur in glass making. He supplemented this knowledge during his long-standing membership of ICG's technical committee on Refractories (TC11);  and indeed his widely recognised experience meant that he was appointed its chair for seven years. In appreciation of his expertise he has been invited to give many conference presentations; these have confirmed his ability not only to solve problems but also to pass on his knowledge to a wider audience. Such is the background that is the starting point for the present book.

His aim is to provide 'training' in the fundamentals of glass melting and this book provides an informative background to the whole range of glass making processes particularly in the Flat Glass and Container industries to a target audience which includes a newish employee within the glass fault analysis laboratory or someone whose responsibilities are a part of the process that can generate defects. It reads very clearly at a practical level, suited well to such personnel. Its scope is the whole gamut of production processes and what can go wrong. It covers the delivery, bunkering and weighing of raw materials, through glass melting, melt-refractory interactions, coating and on to post-manufacture processing such as tempering and creation of double glazing units.

A few books already exist in this general field but perhaps too much of what has been produced previously on these topics has been unnecessarily academic and too focussed in approach; consequently they have not been wholly accessible to a wider audience. This present contribution is therefore a valuable addition to the literature, being rich in examples and soundly based on simple principles to aid the technologist faced with an urgent problem requiring an immediate solution.

The book has been published by the Society of Glass Technology (ISBN 978 0 900682 87 2) and copies are available from them.



Last Updated: 08/06/2020
Author: John Parker
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