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TC17: Achaeometry

This committee usually meets at the triennial ICG glass congresses to organise a seminar on international aspects of glass archaeometry and is of particular interest to groups such as museum conservators, archaeologists and others concerned with the analysis and preservation of our heritage. It has also produced text books on the subject

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TC17: Achaeometry
Dr Stephen Koob
Corning Museum of Glass

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Abdurazakov, Abdugani
An, Jiayao
Bhardwaj, H. C.
Brill, Robert H.
Carvalho, Catarina
DeCorse, Christopher R.
Fuxi, Gan (Prof.)
Greiner-Wronowa, Elzbieta
Kanungo, Alok Kumar
Koezuka, Takayasu
Committee Chair: Koob, Stephen (Dr)
Kozlova, M.O.
Kunicki-Goldfinger, Jerzy
Lee, In-Sook
Martlew, David (Dr)
Meiguang, Shi
Pantano, Carlo (Prof.)
Pongracz, Patricia
Richter, Rainer
Stapleton, Colleen P.
Tennent, Norman
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Activities in 2013 and plans for 2014


The objectives and activities of TC17 differ somewhat from those of other TCs. The purpose of TC17, unchanged since its beginning in 1982, is to bring together glass scientists, archaeologists, museum curators, and conservators to present and discuss the results of research on early glass and glassmaking, and on the conservation of historical glass objects. TC17 centers its programs on the research and glass problems of the regions where the Congresses are held.

Two very important aspects of TC17 are that it promotes collaboration among glass specialists in widely-separated countries and it serves as a stimulus and encouragement for glass scientists and historians in developing countries.




TC17 organized and ran the two-session Workshop “Archaeometry of Glass I, II” at the XXIII International Congress on Glass, Prague, Czech Republic. Papers were presented on analytical studies of Roman glassmaking and archaeological glass as well as a materials science approach to studying Central European medieval glass. An extensive study was also presented on the analysis, history, technology and development of 16th-17th Nüremberg glass engravings. A final paper was especially relevant for the Congress locality, on the conservation of one of the mosaics from St.Vitus Cathedral in Prague.


TC17 continues to review its membership. New members will be added on the recommendation of the ICG. We are asking that Prof. Cristina Leonelli, Universita' degli Studi di Modena, Italy, be invited as a new TC17 member, to replace Marco Veritá who has retired from the Stazione Sperimentale Del Vetro, Italy.



Chairman Stephen Koob and Vice-Chairman Robert Brill have continued discussions with the CTC, concerning the re-shaping of TC17. To this end, we are committed to updating our membership, in order to determine if changes are necessary, and to have a more active committee. TC17 is already in the planning stages for the XXIV International Congress, to be held in Shanghai, 2016.

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